(photograph by tiernaesalleydotphotography.com)

(photograph by tiernaesalleydotphotography.com)



Cook. Create. Care. These are my passions in life.

Cook. One of my earliest memories is snapping green beans with my great grandmother and squeezing oranges for orange juice with my grandmother. While my parents didn't cook they pushed me to create and explore, with a lot of trial and error, in the kitchen. I want to share recipes near and dear to me as well as how I continue to create and explore dishes in the kitchen.

Create. It is important to me to find ways to create every week. That may vary from different artistic projects such as watercolor or learning new skills such as embroidery. Sometimes Create means creating an inviting space as we renovate our hundred year old home. 

Care. Care has led me down a path of years of school to become a professional mental health counselor but it comes out in many other ways. Whether in a therapy session or inviting others into our home, caring for people is important. I hope to share ways to care for yourself and care for others.